Blood Lab Report Composition

Desk 5: Characteristics of man and boeotian red blood cells HUMAN BEING MALEHUMAN FEMALECOW

WBC COUNT(#of cells/mm^3 of blood)700072507450

RBC COUNT(# of cells/mm^3 of blood)54000046000008000000

HEMATOCRIT (%)474237

[Hb](g/100ml of blood)161412

MCV (femtoliters)




1 ) RBC count, hemotocrit and hemoglobin focus are higher in males than females. It is because guys generally have larger muscles and execute more physical exercises which need a higher require of fresh air production. Consequently , more RBC production is needed to meet the higher demand of oxygen. Hemoglobin enables the red cells to transport oxygen to the cells; thus, its concentration improves correspondingly. Hemotocrit is the volume of packed reddish colored cells present in 100ml of blood. Since it also compares to the RBC count, hemotocrit concentration increases as well. The estrogen creation in female suppresses the erythrocytes found in the RBC whereas the sex hormone, testosterone seen in male stimulates the production of erythrocytes likewise explains the in women and men.

2 . When teaching at thin air, there will be a decrease of atmospheric pressure of oxygen so that less o2 will be pushed into the lung area, resulting in a decline in partial pressure and hyposia. In other words, your body is not really producing enough amount of red blood vessels cell in order to meet up the maximize demands of oxygen. Hormone erythropoietin can then be secreted by kidneys to stimulate the availability of RBC from bone tissue marrow. Hemoglobin will also be increased to facilitate oxygen delivery to the cells. Hemotocrit, the concentration of RBC within a sample of blood, increases as well. The elevated amount of RBC counts allows the body to be better at transporting and circulating blood throughout the body, consequently , increases the athletes performance inside the race.

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a. Infectious monucleosis:

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