Eth 125 Final Exam Essay

ETH a hundred and twenty-five Final Examination


Multiple Choice: Focus on or Striking the correct reply to each problem.

1 . Between your year 2010 and 2050, the proportion of the U. S. populace that is Black, Hispanic, Oriental, and Indigenous American will probably a. triple.

b. drop.

c. stay.

d. boost from 36% to 54%.

2 . Which will term can be used to describe a bunch that is keep apart from others primarily due to the national origin or unique cultural habits? a. sociable group

b. ethnic group

c. racial group

deb. formal group

3. Which will term is employed by sociologists to describe an organization that is set apart from other folks because of clear physical variations? a. sociable group

b. ethnic group

c. racial group

m. formal group

4. Who was the initially African American to earn a doctorate by Harvard? a. James Blackwell

b. Franklin Frazier

c. W. Elizabeth. B. I Bois

g. William M. Wilson

a few. A sociological approach presented by Howard Becker that attempts to explain why specific people are considered as deviants and others engaging in similar behavior are not refers to a. contact speculation.

b. marking theory.

c. exploitation theory.

d. exchange theory.

6. In sociology, minority refers to the

a. dominant group.

b. subordinate group.

c. largest group.

d. most compact group.

7. The tendency to assume that a person's culture & way of life will be superior to others is known as a. cultural relativism.

m. discrimination.

c. exploitation.

g. ethnocentrism.

almost 8. Prejudice is definitely

a. an adverse attitude, not behavior.

m. aimed at people, not groups.

c. unfavorable behavior, no attitude.

d. based on appropriate definitions.

9. The process in which an individual breaks in his or her individual cultural tradition to become component to a different traditions is known as a. combinations.

b. pluralism.

c. retention.

d. genocide.

10. Pluralism refers to the presence of

a. 1 homogeneous lifestyle.

b. cultural integration.

c. diverse ethnicities co-existing in the same world.

d. Dark-colored separatism.

10. Stereotypes happen to be generalizations regarding all members of a group that a. happen to be unreliable.

m. are overstated.

c. will not take individual differences into consideration.

d. most of these

12. Government guidelines club federal providers from using contest and ethnicity as a reason behind investigating an individual, but situations involving __________ are exempted. a. terrorism

b. Muslims

c. nationwide economic pursuits

d. army personnel

13. When White colored respondents will be asked how Whites be friends with different fraction groups, which group perform they say they may have the most difficulty getting along with? a. African Us citizens

b. Hispanics

c. Asians

d. American Indians

14. When Dark-colored respondents will be asked that they get along with distinct minority teams, which group do i have heard it said they have the least difficulty receiving along with? a. White wines

b. Latinos

c. Asians

d. American Indians

15. Which of the next states that interracial conversation between individuals with equal position in supportive circumstances will cause them to become less prejudiced and to give up previously placed stereotypes? a. the get in touch with hypothesis

m. the self fulfilling prophecy

c. the anomie theory of deviance

d. the exploitation theory of race relations

16. Studies document that increased formal education, irrespective of content, is associated with: a. increased bias.

b. racial intolerance.

c. increased splendour.

d. ethnic tolerance.

seventeen. The denial of possibilities and similar rights to many of these and groupings for bias or additional arbitrary causes is a. misjudgment.

b. splendour.

c. segregation.

d. starvation.

18. Contouring to a idea that language and techniques which could offend...

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