Essay regarding Examples of CLEVER Goals

п»їExamples of WISE Goals

1 . Bad SMART Aim: I want to go to college.

Good SMART OBJECTIVE: By January 1st of 2009, I will have explored three universities and placed on two universities that I desire to attend. I will attend one of the colleges My spouse and i am accepted in and register for my personal first study course and start by August 2009. My school plan matches with my own ten yr career program.

2 . Bad SMART Goal: I would like a raise.

Good SMART Goal: By January 1st of 2008, Let me have placed myself to request a raise of your minimum of 10% of my own salary by simply cutting my own department's price range by 10% and raising my department's sales by 10%. a few. Bad example of a SMART objective: " I wish to have a lot of money”. Good example of a SMART objective:


" I want to help to make one million inside 10 years by starting an website marketing business providing personal development goods all over the world and by providing life coaching consultancy and executing live workshops. ” 5. Bad example of the SMART aim: " I have to lose weight”. Good example of a SMART objective:


" I want to lose 20 lbs by The spring 15th 2009. I will execute a half hour of cardio and 1 / 2 hour of strength training every day, 5 times every week and I is only going to eat starchy carbohydrates three times a week. ” 5. Bad example of a CLEVER goal: " I want to set a book”. Good example of a brilliant goal:

" I want to write a work book on " How to add 10 years to your life” that is certainly at least 150 web pages in length and get it finished by Summer 30th 2009. I will create at least 4 pages every weekday until My spouse and i complete the book. ”