External Environmental Scan: Regional Demographics Essay

External Environmental Scan

Regional Demographics

Man Lee Asian Food and Gift store located in Port Avenue, their particular main customers are Oriental students and individuals live in Nanaimo city. According to BC Stats and Statistics Canada, the regional population approximate for 2011 was 86, 961. This kind of represents a rise of 5497(6. 6 percent) in five years via 20071. BC Stats likewise states that international immigration accounted for over 66 percent of the increased BC population2, and a sizable part of that gain (71 percent) was from Asian countries3. The increasing in population along with immigration can be expected to continue in the approaching years. Inhabitants is certainly not the only factor that elevating. The typical age pertaining to the regional population has increased over years and is likely to approach forty five by 2026. The older labor force age population markedly increased during the last two decades, based upon the affect of migration. The percentage of individuals aged 65+ in the human population is also likely to rise. This reflects the popularity of Vancouver Island like a retirement destination. However , the proportion of men and women in the 5-17 and 18-24 age group can be predicted to remain stabilize inside the period to 20364. The increasing in population, especially Asian foreign nationals is beginning an opportunities for Man Lee to build up and maximize sales. Sociocultural Factors

We have a large community of Hard anodized cookware people in Nanaimo, especially Chinese. These individuals have different style of food and house accessories from American. In addition , Nanaimo's residents as well show a higher interest in Hard anodized cookware food. This brings probabilities for Asian grocery outlets to increase industry share and profit by featuring the unique Cookware products. Folks are having even more concerns of their health, therefore , foods nowadays not only should be delicious yet also healthy, organic, fresh and vegan products are preferred. This could bring a few threats to imported Cookware foods which are often frozen. Comarcal and Countrywide...

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