Rap in the Violence Composition

Hiphop up the Assault

Violence between teens is definitely increasing a growing number of each day. Precisely what is the cause of the violence? The response to that problem may by no means be fully answered. Many things contribute to this matter, but rap music is usually taking the straight-forward of to take responsiblity for this epidemic? Rap music has many outlets. Music TELEVISION SET, which show rap videos, is the main store. In the content " The Music of Violence” the author talks about how hiphop videos glorify violence and hatred. Many of these videos send out the meaning that assault is the solution to all challenges. Some artist associate having material assets with being cool or popular. Cash is often an issue for young adults so that they turn to assigning crimes to obtain the things that they see artist wearing. In " The Music of Violence” by David Lantigua, that says, " many law-enforcement agents the rap scene stokes company life, gunplay and bloodletting. ” The article also says that " the makers from the videos as well as the music demand culture won't cause crime, it just documents it. ” Rap music and videos became popular in the 80's, and as history has shown violence was running rampant method before hiphop hit the scene. In today's society gangs are almost the norm. Low income family members sometimes rely on the profits that is made by bunch violence in order to survive. It is just a misconception that young people check out or condone the behavior about rap videos, when really it's that they can relate to that. In Brent Staples document " The Hip-Hop Media” he says that woman rapper " Lil Kim” went to imprisonment for not working together with the law enforcement. When mentioned an incident involving associates of her record labeled Lil Betty, according to " The Hip-Hop Media, " misremembered” the events of shootout that took occurred at the popular radio train station Hot 97. On the streets not snitching is like an unspoken code. It is not always admiration these kinds of teenagers feel, but maybe a sense of being able to connect. Rap music is taking the blame for every thing. In the...

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