Literary Evaluation - the Road Not Taken Essay

 " The Road Not really Taken”

Robert Frost's composition " The street Not Taken” describes a traveler confronted with a choice of which one of two roads traveling. He is aware of not where either street might lead. In order to continue on his journey, he can pick only one highway. He scrutinizes both roads for the probabilities of where they could take him in his trips. Frost's traveler realizes that regret is inevitable. No matter his choice, he sees that he will miss the experiences he may have found on the road certainly not taken.

Pictures in the poem reflect the difficulties of the decision the traveller faces. The issue is shown in the verse " extended I stood" (3) as he ponders his options. " a yellow wood, " (1) expresses the idea of a bright community full of opportunities. One course is " bent inside the undergrowth; " (5) that gives a hint of darkness. The other way is " grassy and wanted use; " (8), indicating fresh opportunity. Nor road shows much have on, as stated by simply " no steps had trodden black, " (12). Finally, the of the traveller as a well used man informing his history is reflected by the passing " Someplace ages and ages hence; " (17). The traveler's need to make a decision and his feel dissapointed about at losing out on the street he will not choose happen to be evident in the images Frost paints.

The tone made by the poet and his term choice, supply the impression of regret and rueful resignation at the necessity of his choice. The title from the poem reveals the importance not of the way taken, yet of the route not used. The tourist expresses sadness that this individual " wasn't able to travel both" (2) and he stands a long time in his indecision. This individual understands that there is really no way pertaining to him to be aware of which course is better. This individual acknowledges they are both donned " about the same, " (10). He tries to be positive by keeping " the 1st for another working day! " (13). He ideas to come back for this fork and take the...

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