Ankle Sprains Essay



The problem

• • • • Ankle sprains Lateral Ligament tears Inside Ligament tears Inferior Tib-Fib joint strain

Superior Tib- Fib joint eversion pressure

About the problem

The ankle is most frequently sprained with what is called an " inversion” injury, this means the rearfoot has folded over and outwards. This stresses the horizontal (outside) ligaments of the ankle joint and the Substandard TibFib joint. The invert injury an " eversion” strain is much less common and involves a larger force that pushes the ankle inwards. This stresses the inside (inside) plantar fascia.

Inferior Tib- Fib joint

Reccurence of ankle sprains is common if specific balance training is definitely not completed

Usual symptoms include

• Swelling around the ankle joint • Pain upon twisting the foot • Pain and difficulty going for walks particularly more than uneven ground, running, squatting • Some weakness of the ankle joint and a loss of balance reactions

What we can do to help

• We employ electrotherapy and acupuncture to alleviate pain, swelling and showcase healing of damaged tissues • We all use manual therapy techniques to restore movement at the joints of the ankle • We all progressively improve the vulnerable ligaments and muscles simply by teaching you specific physical exercises to improve balance • We use recording to support the ankle and prevent a repeat of the split • All of us teach you the right way to tape the ankle your self • We all progressively go back you to daily and sports activities • Were planning to help you about ____ times in the next ____ week(s)

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