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MEDICINE 06 2013 Simply by FCPS COMPONENT 1 Qbank Facebook Page

Thanks to Zoha Ali & Asad Ali

1 . Circumstance: Lady with dry eyes and dried mouth... medical diagnosis is a. Sjogren(Ans)

b. Milkulicz problem?

2 Clean and cordinated movement by

a. basal ganglia(Ans)

b. spinocerebellar

3. Scenario: elderly, diplopia, granuloma, elevated b. g

a. large cell arteritis(Ans)

b. takayasu disease

c. wegeners Granulomatosis

4. Zinc required for

a cellular oxiadtion(Ans)

b sugar oxidation


five. Maxillary artery form

a 1st arch(Ans)

b 2nd


six. Testosterone causes transient bone fragments growth since?

a that causes epiphyseal closure(ans)

w downgrade its receptors

c 17 ketosteroid

7 GFR decreased by simply

a afferent arteriolar contraction(ANS)

b. renin improves

c. efferent arteriolar constriction

8 Aotosomal recessive

a. Achondroplasia

w. Marfans syn

c. Alpha1 antitrypsin defiecncy(ANS)

d. Neurofibramatosis

9 Nucleus

a constant with tough endoplasmic reticulum(Ans)

b conatin pores

15 basophila in cell due to which organelle?

a ribosomes(Ans)

b glogi apparatus

10 fatty liver NOT observed in

a viral hepatitis(ans)

n congestion of liver

c pregnancy

g obesity

at the alcohol12 situation: pt with increased heaptic glycogen with typical structure, no inc in serum blood sugar after offering fructose, enzyme deficiency

a fructokinase

w glucose 6th phospahate(Ans)

c hexokinase

13 scenario 6th yrs old, given anti malarial, hb low, advertising coke cloured urine, ( inc tlc n platelets were also there may b)

a g6pd deficincy(Ans)

b black water fever

c Paroxysomal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

13 vasodilators

a PGI2(ans)

m ltc4

c ltd4

d TXA2

12-15 difference bw kwashiorkor and marsmus

a bilateral pitting edema(Ans)

m muscle throwing away

16 Two point discrimination sensor

a mesiners corpuscles

b merkels disk

c Golgi tendons

d free nerve

elizabeth muscle spindle

17 that is not a direct effect of cushing affliction?

a facial hair growth(ans)

b buffalo hump

c muscle weakness

d slim limbs

18 hormone necessary for brain developlment in embrionario life

a thyroid hormone(Ans)

b growth hormone

c cortisol

d androgens

19 circumstance, mother rh negative, baby delivered by 34 several weeks with low blood count palour, passed away after 6 hrs after transfusion, more than likely cause

a. basal ganglia staining(Ans)

w. cardiac malformations

20 content ganglionic sympathic nerve materials r present in1. cervical nerve installment payments on your all vertebral nerve(ans)

3. thoracic n(ans)?? Thoraco lumbar?

4. timber

5. sacral

21 insulin increased by simply

a beta blockers

m secretin (ans)(its homologous to glucagon)

c thiazides

twenty two virus act carcinogecially through

a oncogenes(Ans) (in virus will be oncogenes, in humans happen to be protoncogens) b protooncogenes

c promotor

23 the radiation causes cancer in just how many years?

a. les than 1 365 days

b. lower than 2 yrs.

c. 2-5 yrs

d > 10 yrz

e. 7-10 yrs(ans) (Radiation can cause malignancy in most areas of the body, in all pets or animals, and at every age, although radiation-induced solid tumors usually have 10–15 years, and can consider up to 4 decades, to become clinically manifest, and radiation-induced leukemias typically need 2–10 years to appear) 24 atrial flutter

a treated with defibrillation distress therapy(Ans)

w heart rate is really rapid over 400 surpasses / minutes

c heartbeat between two hundred and 350/min(?? )

m circus surf are not main reason

twenty-five carcinogen

a nitrosamides(Ans)

w nicotine

c cadmieum

21 u say

a slow reploarization of papillary muscles(ans)(its due to hypokalemia)(1st aid)

b atrial repolarization

c. SA depolarization

d. AUDIO-VIDEO depolarization

electronic septum depolarization

27 purkinje fibes

a specialized cardiovascular system muscle skin cells

b consist of numerous myofibrils

28 hb 6gm/dl improved plateled count number with hyperplastic bone marrow? a. iron def anemiab. hemolytic low blood count

c. acute blood loss

d. sideroblastic anemia

e. leukemia(? )

30 clostridium

a are spores forming(Ans)

n are possible anerobes( they may be obligate anerobes)

30 pseudomembrane colitis least likey caused by

a ceftriaxone

b clauvinic ampicllin(Ans)


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