Romanticism and Lamb Essay

Charles Lamb Outline:

I. In places like England throughout the early 1800's, the Romanticism era was a popular form of literature. Romanticism focused primarily on mother nature, but as well the amazing benefits of human nature. In this letter from Charles Lamb to English loving poet, Bill Wordsworth, Lamb's diction, syntax, and imagery contribute to the haughty way he declines Wordsworth's invitation. II. The author's diction shows his watch that this individual feels that city a lot more more fitting for him than countryside life A. While speaking about the city, Lamb comments there is an " impossibility penalized dull” (l. 8) 1 ) Lamb seems that he could under no circumstances be fed up living in the location. 2 . The word " dull” refers to the possible lack of fulfillment of living in countryside areas. M. Lamb proclaims to Wordsworth that this individual has just as many " local attachments, every of [Wordsworth's] Mountaineers” (l. 4-5). 1 ) By dialling everyone " mountaineers”, he sarcastically claims that all non-urban living individuals are nature destined. 2 . Lamb calls all " Wordsworth's” because all of them act precisely the same. III. The author's syntax conveys his belief that city life is livelier than rural existence. A. Lamb comments that "[t]he Lighted shops from the Strand and Fleet Streets, the unnumerable trades, traders and buyers, [and] trainers […] feed [him] without a power of satiating [him]” (l. 6, 11-12). 1 . The catalogue real estate suggests that Lamb feels that city life has considerably more to offer than rural your life. 2 . Much longer sentences to describe city lifestyle opposed to the shorter phrases to describe rural life suggest that Lamb is more interested in town life. W. Lamb points out that Wordsworth's " sunshine & moon and skies and hillsides & wetlands affect [him] no more” (l. 24). 1 . Initially of his letter, Lamb explains that he may travel with Wordsworth anywhere, but below he explains that he may not go to the region. 2 . Lamb's sarcasm delivers humor to the piece to ensure that he refuses to sound as well harsh. C....

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