Alas Babylon Mapping Composition

п»їCourse: British I HonorsTeacher/Teachers: Knox

Unit Name: Unfortunately, BabylonDuration: 2-3 weeks in the event taught during class time/ this year- independent story, so one week Essential Concerns

Content (include key terms/concepts, Literary Gadgets, etc . ) Skills/Objectives



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one particular " Even now, there was zero sound really like a fascinating women wailing their air- raid alarm to spur people to constructive action- or paralyze them in fear. ” 2 " The tired swimmer, battling to reach banks, isn't worried about starving to death later on. ”

How exactly does society respond to tragedies or perhaps challenges?

What provokes survival in the fittest and how does this impact survival of society?

a few " Since neither worked, the indicators were worthless. ”

What constitutes racism?

How does racism destroy the human condition?

four " Every building still stood, not any brick was displaced, but all was altered, especially the people. ”

How does society build wall surfaces to ensure no-one sees all their human factors? Define your condition.

a few " It absolutely was strange, the girl thought, pedaling steadily, which it should need a holocaust to make her individual life well worth living. ” Why do we will need tragedy to feel well worth?

Survival of the fittest


Human condition




Future generations- pollinating to provide a upcoming for its competition " …this is only natural way of safeguarding the contest. Nature provides Darwin's Legislation of All-natural Selection. The defective bee, unable to cope with its environment, is refused by nature at birth. I think this will be accurate of man. It is said that nature is definitely cruel. I don't think therefore. Nature is just, and even merciful. By organic selection, character will attempt to undo what man has done. ”


" Nations are just like rich people. When they grow old and rich and...

Survival in Auschwitz Essay