Six That Decisions The It Persons Shouldn’t Generate Essay

Overview of

1 . 6 IT Decisions Your IT people ought not to make

By Jeanne Watts. Ross and Peter Weill

2 . THAT Project Managing: Infamous failures, Classic Faults & Guidelines By Jones Nelson




Group Members

1 . Pranav Shah

2 . Pranav Singi

three or more. Shailendra Saha

4. Rajat Khandelwal

a few. Deval Patel

Instructor: Mentor B. H. Jajoo


Effective deployment of IT is one of the identifying characteristic to get successful organization in current business grow older. The two documents reviewed by us are mostly about points organizations should certainly safeguard against for completing a successful THIS strategy and project implementation. Six IT Decisions The IT Persons Shouldn't Make

This paper helps one particular understand how the organizations IT vision could go haywire and end up in a the liability for the organization if bureaucratic decision making concerning IT projects are avoided by top management and therefore by default transferred to IT people. These decisions and their implications are summarized beneath – 1 . How much ought to we invest in IT? – The top management's role the following is to obviously define the role IT should play in achieving organization's strategic aims and hence degree of spending on THIS projects. Failing to do this contributes to high THIS spending with no significant contribution in enriching organizations strategy. 2 . Which usually business process should receive the IT dollars? Again give attention to relevant IT initiatives that are critical for obtaining organizations ideal as well as business objectives ought to be guided by senior supervision. 3. Which will IT functions should be firmwide? There would be trade-off between centralizing IT capabilities (and conserve resources) and maintaining organization flexibility. Without the guidance from top management this sub-optimal choices could possibly be made drastically hurting the business. 4. Great your THIS services should be? Again there exists cost-to-benefit evaluation necessary...

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