Stages of life Article

п»їThe different periods of existence


(up to 2years) -growth is fast, a time where infancy discovers how to walk and crawl, use their hands to go objects and so on 2)Early child years

(Up to 8yrs ), growth is speedy but not because rapid because the infancy stage at 8 the know kid will know ride bicycle. 3)Adolesence

Moment for physical changes to a children's body and friends are definitely more influencial 4)Early adulthood (19-45)

An individual reached peak of physical physical fitness.

5)Middle adulthood (45 -650)

Physical changes including men dropping hair.

6)Later adulthood

Decline in body motions, problems with mobility and agility.

Key areas of human growth and development at each lifestyle stage Physical development

Physical growth and physical growth will probably be rapid during the first 12 months and then steady until puberty. it is important to remember that every is an individual who will probably get bigger and develop at diverse rates.

Childhood and early childhood

This is an interval of huge growth of every area of creation, from a very dependent new born to a kid who, by the age of 3, has mastured many expertise, including discussing, walking, applying toilet, applying spoon and scribbling. Low motor skills, an infant understands how to control their head, sit up and crawl. Great Motor skills an infant discovers how to pick up objects or perhaps hold a rattle. Children between the age range of 3 and five will begin to develop fine electric motor skills through the of 5, most children can use


Between the age ranges of on the lookout for and doze individual individuality and cognitive skills develop. Growth and development turn into slower and even more steady before the start of puberty. The adolescence years are a length of accelerated growth where people become higher and begin to find weight, although this will change from individual to individual and across genders. Sexual maturity is one of the greatest developments during this time period, although the age group at which...

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