ulcerative colitis essay module 8

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" Pick a medical condition that's interests you and research that. Write about the possible uses of a hypnotic approach in the treatment of the condition whenever you see them”.

In this dissertation I hope to show a good understanding of this terrible chronic disease. It influences the person, both physically, and mentally. As well how hypnosis can help to simplicity the symptoms. This health issues can be certainly defined as long-term. This is diagnosed because it is permanent, can be intensifying and will most definitely change someone�s life. It makes permanent becomes the patient's body which is rarely treated. The disease I will write about can be ulcerative colitis. This will end up being represented since U/C during this article. This devastating illness might cause not only superb pain nevertheless also the person will face a great deal of panic, stress and mental and physical exhaustion. U/C is known as a long term state, where the intestines and butt become painful. It is a especially nasty disease that flares up without warning and will make the affected person needing the toilet instantly. There is no hold out, the patient need to go. The flare up is much like having a severe stomach bug and can fatigue for several weeks. It ruins holiday plans, causes extended absences from work and debilitate all aspects of someone�s life. The illness is often clinically diagnosed when people are in the late 20s and early 30s, or perhaps in the 50s. It seems to affect men and women equally, and it is estimated that 1/420 people in the UK will develop the disease, you are more likely to be affective if a close comparable already provides the disease. It truly is more common inside the Jewish residential areas and dark race individuals. This is uncertain to the reasons why, as to the reason it is rare with those of an Hard anodized cookware background. The colon is the large intestine bowel, plus the rectum is the end from the bowel wherever stools happen to be stored. Little ulcers can develop ulcerative in the colons lining and this can easily bleed and produce marcia. U/C is usually thought to be an autoimmune state, this means that the immune system or the system's defence mechanism against bacteria and contamination goes wrong and attacks healthier tissues. It can be thought that the immune system mistakes harmless bacteria in the colon for the threat and attacks the tissues from the colon. As a result causes this to become swollen. It is uncertain of to why immune system behaves this way. But many professionals think it is a variety of diet, anxiety, genetic and environmental elements. When someone is stressed, the body armor and weapon upgrades up for a fight-or-flight response by secreting certain hormones, including adrenalin, as well as substances called cytokines. They stimulate the immune system, which in turn triggers inflammation. In people whose ulcerative colitis is in remission, this sets the level for the return of their symptoms, termed as a flare-up. �

Symptoms are: --

Diarrhoea, typically with blood vessels or pus

Abdominal discomfort and cramping pains

Rectal discomfort

Rectal blood loss — transferring small amount of blood vessels with stool Urgency to defecate

Failure to excrete despite urgency

Weight loss



In children, failure to grow

Complications will be; -

Likely complications of ulcerative colitis include:

Serious bleeding

A hole inside the colon (perforated colon)

Serious dehydration

Liver disease (rare)

Cuboid loss (osteoporosis)

Inflammation of the skin, joints and sight, and sores in the cellular lining of your mouth area An increased risk of colon malignancy

A rapidly swelling intestines (toxic mega colon)

Improved risk of blood vessels clots in veins and arteries.

Treatment after prognosis U/C will include not only medicine therapy but maybe surgery. Both main drug categories will be Anti inflammatory and Immunity process suppressors. This will depend with the severity from the illness. The drugs that work well for a few people may well not work so well for others and may remember to find the right medication for any one individual. In addition because some medications...

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